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Current Project Status

Welcome to our new website and blog! We’ve been laying low for a while, still chipping away at the game for the last couple years. In the meantime, 2 babies have been born, tons of art has been made, and I think I may have finally slayed the demon that is learning how to work efficiently in Unity with a real Component Entity System. Here is the current status of different parts of the project.


J. Everett Jackson has knocked out all kinds of old school monsters to fill the dungeons. Here’s a look at some of them:

We also are doing some tests to give mundane, common-place enemies in the game more variety in appearance. Here are some of the options he’s cooked up for the lowly goblin:

Between bouts of coding, I’ve been making progress on how the final 3D scene for the game will look. There is still some work left to blend this with the current development build, but the scene itself is put together in Unity.


I’ve gone back and forth with Unity multiple times so far with this project trying to find an effective way to work as fast as I used to be able to work in Flash AS3. After trying to roll my own engine 3 times, and using an off the shelf solution, I finally when back to the drawing board and wrote a very simple Entity Component System implementation in Unity that suits my needs well.

Here's what the game currently looks like. We have been not to focus on fancy graphics and animations while getting the base mechanics right.

The conversation system is 90% complete, just finishing up some simple dice rolling. Next we will be moving on to combat.


Jason Boone and I have been writing up some test adventures with the current combat-less build. Hopefully when we get the kinks worked out we can share them with a broader audience and see what people think.

Tabletop Rules

We will be releasing the rules behind the game as a fully playable tabletop system, and play-testing it with anyone willing to give it a try. Sign up for the newsletter if that’s something you might want to be a part of in the future.


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